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Quest for Questions

“What UNITES humans across time & space? Asking NOT SO common questions, to NOT SO common humans, in search of NOT SO common answers.”


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Making sense of the world around us by questioning conventional wisdom, widely-held assumptions, and deeply-rooted beliefs in order to figure out the capital T - Truth. More info here.

If we want the future to be different from the past, we can’t simply be looking for answers. 

We need to pursue profound questions that haven’t been asked or questions that cannot be answered – for they contain a paradox or contradiction.

Ask yourself: “What question, if you had an answer to, would set you free?”

I think many questions do not have and will not have a definite answer. Yet I can’t help but wonder if many (or even most) have lackluster answers or none because we stopped asking the questions.

So that’s how the Quest for Questions was born.

The quest contains within itself 4-sub quests:

  • Quest for a Life Well-Lived
  • Quest for Excellence & Mastery
  • Quest for Beauty, Romance & Adventure
  • Quest for Truth & Wisdom

Which ultimately lead to Unity & Belonging.

And the final question:

*What is Transcendent – what unites humans across time & space?*

Sapere Aude, my friends!

Dare to know. Dare to be wise.

Naulius in Verba → Don’t take anybody’s word for it. Figure it out yourself.

4 Quests

Quest for a Life Well-Lived

  • Who are you..really? And how to get to know thyself on a deep visceral level, so that you can maximize your gifts and beware of your pitfalls. 
  • How might we decrease competition AND increase collaboration & innovation, on both individual and societal levels?
  • What are the most important problems/challenges in each of the big fields, and

Quest for Fun, Adventure, Beauty & Romance

  •  What’s the role of magic, alchemy, and trickery... and how do we bring some of it back to our over-logical world?
  •  What makes our hearts stop? What is the role of beauty, awe, and wonder in our universe, world & lives?
  •  What is the difference between work & play, and is life to be treated seriously, playfully, or both?

Quest for Excellence & Mastery

  •  What mindsets, skills, tools, and habits do you need to master the art of entrepreneurship & growing a profitable value-creating business?
  •  Why do we crave freedom and power but love our can we become creators and leaders, not mere consumers & conformists?
  •  What are the crucial mindsets, skills, and tools to thrive in the modern age?

Quest for Truth & Wisdom

  •  What’s the art & science of clear-thinking...seeing reality for what it is (and isn’t) distinguishing truth from bullshit? What mental models are necessary to grasp it?
  •  What is the art of asking the right questions...timeless, eternal questions and how do we find more inspired answers?
  • Who are we stripped of our stories & conditioning - what's the nature of human nature and how do different cultures influence it?

Past Dialogues

Language was invented to ask questions. Answers may be given by grunts and gestures, but questions must be spoken. Humanness came of age when man asked the first question. Social stagnation results not from a lack of answers but from the absence of the impulse to ask questions. - Eric Hoffer, Reflections on the Human Condition, 2006
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Profile artwork for Quest for Questions
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