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“We aim to present political, economic, and cultural news that the every day citizen can understand and care about.”

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About the show

Foremost, I am a political scientist, advocate, LGBTQIA+ member, and progressive thinker. I am also the host of my podcast, Profound Politics, where I look at what happened in the world of politics weekly and discuss it for those who seek it out. My goal is always to give a platform to easy-to-understand facts from trusted sources (NPR, BBC), and give structure to an often chaotic news cycle every week. 

I wanted to create this podcast because while I recently graduated in May 2020 with Political Science and Environmental Science & Management degrees, I found it challenging to land a career amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I wanted my passion for education, outreach, and advocacy to continue in the meantime. I have completed research analysis' on topics ranging from environmental racism, voter disenfranchisement, the housing crisis, the climate crisis, conservation, and countless SCOTUS ruling discussions.

As Profound Politics continues to expand and grow in listenership and quality, I want my content to include energy, perspective, and experience to help me dissect the news of our government and society for the viewers.

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Profile artwork for Profound Politics
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