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“An inclusive podcast exploring the phenomenon of imposter syndrome & the notion of belonging. Does anyone have it figured out? Probably not.”

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About the show

An inclusive podcast about nothing, and everything all at once. This podcast is about 'imposter syndrome', and exploring the idea that no one really feels like they belong. I will interview my friends and people that inspire me, to understand what success looks like to them. Does anyone really have it figured out? Let's find out. Support this podcast:


  • I have been podcasting since March of 2020, and have grown exponentially YOY
  • I have interviewed notable celebrities, drag queens, comedians, and makeup artists
  • I am queer, non-binary, and use she/they pronouns
  • I have given LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC voices a safe space to share their stories
  • I have interviewed people in every generational age bracket, but am a millennial
  • I have over 11K Streams
  • I have a store with COOL MERCHANDISE!
  • I am available on all podcast streaming platforms
  • I have strong, engaged, and exciting social media channels

This is an inclusive podcast that shares voices from around the world. Specifically, my bread and butter are comedians, entertainers, LGBTQIA+ voices, people who stand up for social justice, drag queens, and people with very unique stories. I do believe everyone has a story to tell, but I will let you know if you and I are not aligned. I like unique takes on the topic at hand: IMPOSTER SYNDROME. Because of this, I will not accept every interview inquiry.

If you are interested in becoming a guest, you must be willing to fill out a form with questions beforehand to help guide the conversation. Thank you! Drop me an email pitch for a faster turnaround time at [email protected]

IG @pleasedontkickmeout // FB // // Contact: [email protected]

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Profile artwork for Please Don't Kick Me Out
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