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“For those allergic to mediocrity, groupthink, and conventional wisdom. How to think, act, and therefore live a life most people never will.”

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If you're going to message me about being a guest, I'd ask that you've listened to at least one episode

This podcast is NOT for Most People.

The podcast IS for those allergic to mediocrity, groupthink, and conventional wisdom. It IS for those who strive to think, act, and therefore live in a way that most people never will.

Do you shudder at the idea of settling or living an "average" life? Do you refuse to blindly follow or simply blend in with the crowd? Do you feel like you just think differently from most people that you know? And Have you ever wondered why 'most people' are not particularly happy, healthy, wealthy, or in great relationships? Or why more people than ever are overweight, overmedicated, broke, divorced, or unfulfilled?

Host Bradley Roth has always wondered these things. And he has always found that the majority of successful people in any area of life tend to question, resist, and in most cases go directly against the standard path that most people tend to follow. They think, act, and therefore live differently than most. It's often those outliers, non-conformists, rebels-with-a-cause, and exceptions-to-the-rule who live the lives most people wish they had. It's those winners, standouts, and thought-leaders that are here to share their uncommon knowledge and unconventional wisdom.

Tune in as we uncover the counter-intuitive truths and secrets of success that you likely never learned in school, on tv, or even from your parents - all while debunking traditional wisdom and challenging the popular advice that has led to an epidemic of mediocrity, dissatisfaction, and stagnation.

This is where we dive into exactly how challenging the status quo, thinking outside the box, and following the road less traveled leads to extraordinary health, wealth, and happiness that all people CAN achieve (but most never will). This is where we separate the ordinary and the extraordinary. This is NOT Most People

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