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“Share your knowledge, insights & stories. Bring your curiosity. Next level produced "shows" that are unique, ideas driven & that entertain.”

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About the show

The Science of Curious Humans - bringing you the very best ideas and interviews to broker and grow your creativity, productivity, business and overall wellbeing.

I believe in sharing stories of triumph and great challenge that shows us as messy imperfect humans. This podcast showcases leaders and entrepreneurs at the top of their game that are not afraid to show vulnerability as their authentic selves.

I'm interested in genuine leaders and speakers that may not have "broken yet" , entrepreneurs less familiar that have an unique perspective, teaching or story, that helps listeners grow their businesses, provide exceptional gold nuggets and gives people new insight that inspires.

I have seen and worked with great speakers and artists like Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Martin Seligman, Yoko Ono to name a few and i've work on Tedx Sydney and other speaker showcases, so I know what is the art of conversation, high production values and a seamless performance. The art is in the "share" and generously including the listener.

My name is Joy and I too look forward to growth collaborations, openness and a deeper understanding and exploration of what makes us unique.

If this special kind of human is you and your driver is to serve others, educate at the highest level and growth - then i'd love for you to get in contact with me, to be added to the amazing alumni of the Nerds of Joy Podcast guests.

I'm looking for guests on my podcast Nerds of Joy and to also feature live on Fireside with me. Fireside is created by Falon Fatemi and Mark Cuban and I am a creator on the platform.

Previous guest include: award winning and serial entrepreneurs, the founders of Zuckerberg Institute, expert doctors, multi-award winning writers, composers, and creative artists.

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Profile artwork for Nerds of Joy Podcast
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