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About the show

On MGO, we talk about great books and meet the people who write them. We also feature conversations and explorations about creativity in all professions and walks of life.

Named a 2022 Top 5 Literature Podcast by CrowdUltra and an Apple Podcasts "New & Noteworthy" show in 2016, we were also a 2019 People's Choice Podcast Awards nominee. Host J. Alexander Greenwood is an award-winning writer, public relations consultant, speaker, and former radio host and journalist. He is the author of the John Pilate Mysteries.

We produce two 15-20-episode seasons—season 11 posts from late January to June and Season 12 posts from September to December 2023 Interviews are up to 30 minutes, conducted on weekdays, generally between 9:30-3 pm., Central time. We do not record interviews in June, July, or August.

We focus on mystery, thriller, suspense, and historical fiction authors--memoirs and biography are also welcome. However, feel free to pitch anything but be aware, we book guests very rarely for:

  • romance
  • children's books
  • young adult
  • poetry

Absolutely no:

  • religious fiction
  • spirituality (please, no woo-woo)
  • coaching
  • self-improvement
  • fringe medical
  • financial, insurance, sales, or other dry stuff that bores listeners to tears

If you have a business nonfiction book or client, please consider pitching it to PR After Hours, Alex's business show.

Not an author, but want to talk about creativity in your career? Let us hear about it!


  • We have conversations, not stiff interviews working down a list of pre-set questions.
  • You reach people who care about writing, books, and creativity. We do not have the largest audience, but our listeners are fiercely dedicated to our subject matter.
  • Our host is a writer. Alex cares about the craft and enjoys speaking about all aspects of writing and creativity.

Before pitching to be a guest, please check out our previous shows to get a feel for what we do and what we have covered recently: We're always looking for exciting authors, people who use creativity in their careers, and folks making a difference in their communities. In addition, we occasionally delve into politics and social issues, fun stuff like that.

  • Guests must use an external microphone and earbuds/earphones. The built-in mic in most computers is inadequate for a good listening experience. Data indicates people turn off episodes with bad audio right away--nobody wants that!
  • If the guest goes on with poor audio, we reserve the right to edit their interview into a couple of the best minutes and add them to an "omnibus episode," meaning you will get a segment on a show featuring several authors, not an individual episode.
  • Books for review must be received at least 30 days before the interview.
  • Click here for tips on how to be a great guest!
  • We view guests as partners. Guests agree to share the link to their appearance on social media channels and newsletters. We may not book you if you do not have a platform and/or do not agree to share your appearance.
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