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“Do you have a story to share of overcoming great challenge leading you to your destiny? Come share with me..”

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About the show

My vulnerable voice is an audio project created by Hannah Palamara sharing stories of healing, vulnerability, challenge, success and courage.

Hannah is a birth & women's coach, photographer and entrepreneur living in Kent, UK. Hannah has an interest in self development, holistic health, healing from trauma and birth advocacy.

After the loss of her husband in 2019 to cancer, Hannah started this project as a way of processing her own grief and connecting with inspiring and powerful people. She has incorporated her long term interest in holistic health and healing from trauma into the work she does with her clients as well as sharing her own story and strategies of healing from trauma in this podcast and on her platforms.

In this journey she found that most highly successful and inspirational people have been through some kind of incredible trauma or challenge that propelled them into the career and choices that brought them to great success and healing.

This podcast incorporates their stories..

You can view the curated gallery of images and written stories on Instagram @my_vulnerablevoice and Hannah's other work @hannahpalamarahonestlyyou and

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