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“Hi! I'm James Miller, an entrepreneur, blogger, and health enthusiast. I'm passionate ways to optimize my health and performance.”

Health & Fitness Self-Improvement Mental Health Alternative Health Nutrition Entrepreneurship

About the show

James is extremely curious and loves talking with guests about topics they are experts in.

I Chop up interviews into Alex Hormozi style videos, you will get copies! Makes great content!

Longer Clips: Find my show on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Please include a list of 5 questions that we can dive into that allow you to provide the most value. I will provide my questions to you.

This is not to self promote one's products and services. If you are wanting to self promote, there exists an "promotional" interview that we can arrange where you'll end up with several pieces of content and clips from the interview to share across social media. Please reach out to inquire about the "promotional" interview.

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Profile artwork for Motivated Endeavors Podcast
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