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Life Passion and Business

“Using 5 specific questions, the show is an exploration of Passion & Purpose and how that fits with life choices and business directives.”


Entrepreneurship Self-Improvement Business Sustainability How to Healthy Eating Climate Change Society & Culture Personal Finance Philosophy


Time for Something New

The podcast will become seasonal and subject-based. Our current subjects of interest are

Money & Mindset


Health & Fitness

Emotional Well-being

Marketing in the 21st Century

Permission To Play

Science & Religion


The show hit a 5-year milestone in January 2023 with over 350 shows and 200-plus guests.

Over the last five years, it has been a collection of random interviews which has been fascinating as each guest had a unique story and journey towards their good life. 

The 2023 project is to explore topics that are part of the LP&B journey with stories and useful strategies that can be implemented by the listener.

My Expectation for you as a guest.

A podcast has three stake holders, you the guest, my show and the listener. A show must contribute and support all of our needs. What I from guest, is a story and expertise together we must hold the listeners attention.

We both need exposure and growth with follower and listeners.

The new topic based structure will grow some continuity something that was missing in the previous format.

The benefit for the show will be continuity in terms of listenership and search engine visibility.

If you think you have something to offer please use the link below and lets chat.

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Profile artwork for Life Passion and Business
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