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“Lawyering is a skillset, not an identity, and these skills can transfer to anything.”

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About the show

Welcome to Lawyered with Siria, a podcast for lawyers looking to get out of the law or transition to a more fulfilling practice area and students who want to explore the wide range of possibilities of work with a law degree.

On this podcast, you’ll hear interviews with authors, entrepreneurs, academics, and many more on the different ways they have used their law background on their current ventures. You’ll also hear from practicing lawyers who enjoy their work and how they manage the practice of law without it becoming their whole identity.

Siria L. Gutierrez is a mental health advocate looking to give other tools to help them live a life of choice and abundance. "I’m not just a lawyer; I’m layered and so are you. Join me as we celebrate what the law gave us and explore the possibilities outside of the traditional law practice." On Lawyered with Siria, we believe and understand that lawyering is a skillset, not an identity, and these skills can transfer to anything.

Looking for guests who:

  • Self-identify as a lawyer or former lawyer -- ***this is a threshold requirement
  • Work with lawyers or in the legal field -- (legal consultants or legal support can inquiry)
  • Enjoy being a lawyer and/or having left the law
  • Want to share their path out of the law for others to potentially follow
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Profile artwork for Lawyered with Siria
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