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“Audience: Tech CEOs who want to grow their minds, elevate performance, and own their future. Topics: BIG IDEAs that challenge CEO thinking.”

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About the show

Watch a video Introduction to our show:

The audience:

Technology business Owners and CEOs (SAAS, Information Technology, IT Service Companies)

Guest we're looking for:

  • Tech Business Owners with 10+ employees
  • Experts/Authors who have big ideas that help Tech CEOs and their companies

Big Ideas we want our guests to share:

  • Remarkable story that will inspire business or personal growth
  •  Powerful and personal story of business growth or failure
  •  Breakthrough business technology that makes a difference
  •  Mindset or psychological idea that Tech CEOS must know
  •  Contrarian approach to something Tech CEOs already know
  •  A big (and preferably novel) idea that Tech CEOs must learn about
  •  Game changer - A social, tech, or financial trend that will disrupt the status quo for tech companies

We love ideas that disrupt expectations and beliefs. That force people to rethink their approach or engage in conversations.

Show format

We have designed our show to be valuable, viral, and engaging. It's split into 6 segments,

  1. Have Courage - Ice Breaker - you reveal a light-hearted secret about yourself
  2. Grow Smarter- Share Your Big Idea
  3. Work Smarter - Share insights about productivity or team/leadership performance
  4. Live Smarter - Share your perspective on work/life balance
  5. Own Your Future - Share your vision for the future
  6. Take Action - Help listeners take next steps


There are few surveys to complete before the interview. These are essential and help us ask you better questions. If you put in the work, you'll have a better interview, and we'll be able to create a more viral and engaging show.

Interested? Send us a message with your big idea.



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Profile artwork for Interstellar Business Show
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