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“The world needs more philosophy. I bring philosophy out of the insular Ivory Tower and into everyday life.”


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The world needs more philosophy. More to the point, we all need to engage with the world with a more philosophical attitude.

I’m Douglas Giles, PhD, a philosophy professor. I started writing content for the Internet in 1994 and since 1998 I’ve taught philosophy in higher education. In 2018, I decided to leave the academic rat race, stop teaching full-time, and spend more time writing. is an expression of my desire to bring philosophy out of the insular Ivory Tower and its musty journals and into everyday life. I still teach Intro to Philosophy courses online and I learn a lot from my students about how philosophy connects with people.

I am a teacher and I am a scholar. As a scholar, I seek to understand the causes of bigotry and injustice so we can decrease their occurrence. I’m also interested in the intersection of philosophy and culture and the construction and maintenance of meaning. specializing in social philosophy and personal identity. I am looking for projects and partnerships where I can work with others dedicated to the goal of understanding and alleviating injustice.

The Insert Philosophy Here Podcast will have two types of content. There will be regular episodes discussing current events and how we can use philosophy to better understand them. There will also be episodes that will explain philosophers and their ideas.

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Profile artwork for Insert Philosophy Here
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