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“IFING CAST (Islamic Finance Initiative Nigeria PodCAST) is a series of ethically curated episodes launched in 2021 to discuss.....”


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IFING CAST (Islamic Finance Initiative Nigeria PodCAST) is a series of ethically curated episodes launched in 2021 to discuss all aspects of Islamic Finance for easy understanding and navigation through the whole spectrum of the Islamic Finance Industry. These include but not limited to Banking, Capital Markets, Personal Finance, Stock Market Operations, Takaful, Wealth Purification (e.g. Waqf) and many more Halal Related topics as well as Shari’ah Fatwas relevant to all aspects of these fields of Finance.

The shows and episodes feature guests who are academicians, experts, professionals and scholars from diverse specializations across the Islamic Finance Field – for our audience to gain and learn the much required knowledge to engage and be more involved in non-interest financial products and services. One major highlight is these products and services are meant for people of all faiths and answers will be provided for all forms of guidance, information or questions sought.

Current podcast shows are:

– Islam, Culture and Money

– Islamic Banking Simplified

– Islamic Capital Market Digest

– Islamic Insurance Takaful Unraveled

– Wealth Purifiers (Zakat, Sadaqat & Waqf)

– Women in Islamic Finance

The shows are available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and other platforms.

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Profile artwork for IFING CAST
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