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GilC on Stationhead Social Radio

“Live radio shows which save as on demand podcasts. You donate your time listening live (5mins+), I’ll donate to charities. GilC on the app”


LGBTQIA+ Music Music Influencer Fundraising Improv


Live shows: Fridays 9-10am GMT (follow me on the Stationhead app, GilC, available with Apple Music & premium Spotify), then available on demand almost immediately.

Devastation when my hospital radio gig got suspended due to covid19 turned into joy when I found Stationhead.

I can host radio shows from my phone, which are evolving: from merely a song request show to having guest speakers, which have included an It’s A Sin actor, a reality TV show winner & drag queen of Britain’s Got Talent fame.

5-minutes of your time generates a $1USD financial reward which I donate to charity. Listener numbers are recently 50+ per show.

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Profile artwork for GilC on Stationhead Social Radio
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