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“We explore how to create healthy communities online with guests who are platform creators, authors, or publishers.”


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If you're a Platform creator, we're interested in hearing stories about building your online platform. Author? Let's talk about you developed the audience for your book by using online platforms. If you're an indie book publisher, we want to talk about how your find authors you want to publish and how you develop audiences for the titles in your catalogue. 

Our theme centers around talking about forming safe and respectful online communities. We want use cases, success stories, and how to’s.

The FutureX Podcast is an ongoing conversation about how to build online communities that are welcoming and safe. In each episode, Lee Schneider, Creative Director of FutureX, interviews a platform designer or owner, an author, or a publisher. 

Season One rolls out in three parts. The first set of episodes features platform builders who have created the software, online environments, and community guidelines that work together to support healthy online spaces. The second set of episodes in Season One features authors who have used platforms and internet communities to build their reading audience online. And the third set of episodes features publishers who have used online communities to support their titles, find audiences for their books, and make a name for themselves. 

The FutureX Podcast celebrates creative people who have built online spaces that are open, productive, diverse, and safe. Each episode is 30 minutes long. 

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Profile artwork for FutureX Podcast
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