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“Looking for marketing execs at B2B SaaS startups as guests. Notable past guests were CMOs from Bonjoro, Hotjar, Proposify, and more”

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About the show

Forward Launch Your SaaS - Easygoing conversations with B2B SaaS startup marketing executives whose campaigns have resulted in impressive growth. In each episode, our guests share the one biggest piece of wisdom that other B2B SaaS marketing execs should know. The show is hosted by Keirra Woodard, the owner, podcast marketer, and B2B SaaS content marketing consultant of Forward Launch.

I'm looking for marketing executives at B2B SaaS startups to appear as guests. This is a new podcast that will launch in the next few months. 

A few guests currently in our episode lineup:

  • Oli Bridge, CMO of Bonjoro. After joining in 2016, he launched the company from zero revenue into one of Australia’s fastest growing startups, with over 50,000 current users
  • Ben Sperry, Marketing Manager at Place. In his first six months with Place, Ben grew inbound demand by over 400%
  • Kate Bradley Chernis, Founder & CEO of Lately. Prior to founding Lately, Kate also owned a marketing agency which got Walmart a 130% ROI, YoY for three years. She has achieved a 98% sales conversion with no cold calls, no cold emails and no paid ads.

I'd especially love to collaborate with social impact-focused/purpose-driven companies, as my business focuses on sustainable and ethical marketing strategies.

I’m looking to collaborate with shows...

  • that feature SaaS marketers as guests. I want to form a collaboration where we help each other find relevant guests for our respective shows.
  • that ideally focus on B2B and/or startups
  • that care about ethical marketing and/or social impact
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Profile artwork for Forward Launch Your SaaS
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