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“C.U.T.S. for the rising figure within the acronym of CULTURE, URBAN, TECHNOLOGY, and SPORTS hosted by Reem’o Meerak Aka "Chef Reemo"”

TV & Film Music Interviews Music Society & Culture Fashion & Beauty

About the show

To be a guest or feature on the vlog channel, send your media bio to [email protected]

Also, this will be viewed on my YouTube Channel, and broadcast on several major streaming platforms (Spotify, Google, Apple, and much more).

All interviews will be in-person or remotely (If you are out of town).

Go to ReemoMeerak.Com to check out more on the PODCAST Instagram Page: @c.U.T.S__

Juuuuu’already know it’s #ReemoApproved

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Profile artwork for C.U.T.S. PODCAST
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