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“Podcaster & Content Creator with a passion for psychology, self realization, and spirituality. 30,000+ followers across all channels.”

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About the show

I've been on a healing journey to find out who I am and why I am here. My intention is to find authentic, creative, and open minded professionals so that we can create vulnerable and honest conversations that inspire us to dream bigger.

My main areas of passion are psychology & spirituality, and conversations generally focus on healing, self realization, parapsychology, quantum physics, consciousness, and the mysteries of the universe.

So, if you are interested in joining me on the podcast, you can look forward to having a free flowing, vulnerable, and mind expanding conversation about life and what it means to be human in our modern world.

My Audience - Like myself, many of them are into spirituality, quantum physics, psychology, indigenous wisdom, and alternative health (many of them are unvaccinated). If you resonate with this kind of open minded and critical thinking audience, send me a message and let's create something special.

FFO - Aubrey Marcus, Paul Chek, Russell Brand, Danica Patrick, Lewis Howes, Josh Trent, Robert Edward Grant, Kyle Kingsbury, Troy Casey, Eckhart Tolle, Ben Stewart, Steven Greer, Darryl Schoon, Jeffrey Mishlove, Luke Storey, etc.

Partnerships - I view all guests as potential friends and future collaborators. Additionally, I am partnered with the Indigo Sun publication and one podcast is published each month in their monthly edition. There is a chance you may be offered an opportunity to develop a relationship with them directly and be shared and advertised to their audience.

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Profile artwork for Anton Czachor Podcast
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