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“I have amazing stories to share about spiritual growth, immigration, and a one-of-a kind nomadic lifestyle that will capture your audience”

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About Me

I am the author of the book "Living Through Alchemy - a transformational journey to freedom"

This is my author bio

Vi Vi Thai is a writer, truth seeker, healer and fearlessly determined to live a free lifestyle regardless of others’ opinions. 

She uncovered her true life’s purpose after going through a dramatic and stressful time at the end of her stay in the US as an international student and worker. During that time, she achieved a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Texas A & M University and a Masters of Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University. 

At the end of 2017, she started a new life in Canada as a new immigrant from Vietnam. Here, she embarked on a one-of-a-kind nomadic van-life adventure.

Living her life purpose, Vi helps others to find their path of freedom to live their authentic selves because only then can we all be living a fulfilled life of happiness. 

She believes that, as we find our own inner freedom, that is when the world can be free and liberate itself to evolve to a better place in the cosmos. 

When she’s not planning her next adventure, you can find her savoring life’s simple pleasures with her beloved dog Marco. 

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Profile artwork for Vi Vi Thai
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