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Steven Jenkins

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“Learning from my failures, after quitting piano lessons five times, I developed and patented a new piano method that makes piano easier.”

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About Me

Steven Jenkins is a self-described “recovering piano student” who helps people with busy schedules learn piano in a unique way that does not require them to take lessons. After quitting piano lessons five times and spending nearly a decade of research and development, Steven knows what it truly takes to help people get over the difficult hump of understanding piano. By developing a patented method that simplifies music theory and reduces stress and anxiety, Steven is helping the 80% of people who like him have quit traditional piano lessons in the past.

Steven has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world and has been recognized in academia as a modern innovator to be watched. Recent partnerships with creatives and scholars have brought Steven into circles where he has been able to inspire and help others.

Steven is on a mission to spread his positive message of reaching goals despite the struggles while helping people achieve their dreams of playing the most beautiful and complex musical instrument in the world, the piano.

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Profile artwork for Steven Jenkins
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