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Stephen Pappas

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“Steve built a career transforming and boosting customer experiences and built and sold six companies while cultivating his approach to CX”

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About Me

Steve has built a career transforming and boosting customer experiences. By taking a 360-degree view of the customer, Steve makes sure each employee has the actionable knowledge necessary to make better decisions and serve customers in a way that increases loyalty, referrals, sales and satisfaction. In his role as Head of US and Chief Marketing Officer at Panviva, the omnichannel knowledge cloud company, Steve consults with hundreds of companies annually on their critical Customer Experience strategies from Hospitals, Health Insurance to Banks, Credit Unions and even Small Businesses. Industry associations, publications, and Fortune 500 companies invite him to speak and write about CX best practices in healthcare, finance, utilities, insurance, and telecommunications. A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Steve has built and sold six companies. He has spent many years cultivating his approach to CX and each company has held to the mantra of “the customer is at the center of the universe. In fact, his first CX initiative was a college Honors project where Steve redesigned the student registration system to ease the process of registering for classes and enhance student experience. He then went on to running an office automation project for over 12,000 internal customers, while working for one of the largest global government contractors. All the while addressing internal customer expectations and increase customer lifetime value. Next, he perfected the concepts of personalization with marketing automation tools to better target and deliver one-on-one communication with customers. Now, Steve is focused on delivering optimized processes through omnichannel knowledge management and delivering the ultimate in customer experience. When he is not driving CX strategy or launching companies, Steve plays the guitar and mentors at any given time 5-10 Entrepreneurs. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and sons.

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Profile artwork for Stephen Pappas
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