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Sharon Sanders

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“I am Passionate about change and the opportunities it provides Let me share techniques and stories to help your listeners win at change.”

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About Me

Self motivated, energetic with a sense of humour I lead from the front and gain satisfaction from sharing my knowledge to help others.

I am a successful transformation and change leader with over 20 years experience across the public and private sector. My passion and skill is working with individuals and teams to navigate changes, empowering them with the skills and ability to thrive at work and in life

Change generates emotions in us all, and I believe the power of emotion is in our ability to understanding how we can harness it.

I am keen to share what I have learnt from business change and the life change of my husbands leukemia diagnosis

If you think your listeners would benefit from hearing my stories then please contact me. I am excited to share my knowledge and learn from others


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Profile artwork for Sharon Sanders
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