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“Experienced music artist, sound engineer, lgbtq poc advocate, business law expert, interested in sharing knowledge and learning from others.”

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About Me

Eternal Zion is a spiritual artist and detailed sound engineer who programs healing frequencies and creates affirmation health guides to teach others how to manifest properly. She is a self taught marketer, web designer, sound engineer, author, business creator, and overall entrepreneurial independent creative. She currently represents a record label OaktownSoul that specializes in soulful music production and high quality mixing technical skills. We want to collaborate with podcast creatives and share our knowledge, chat about experiences in music, health, POC point of views, black women in music, and also bring more awareness to the soulful nature of our creations. We have multiple artists who create music that will bring about change in the music industry by reintroducing the soulful intelligence to music production.

We look forward to building relationships and talking deeply on these subjects.

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Profile artwork for Shantel Dawson
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