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Sebastian Schieke

Germany English, German

“Entrepreneur | CEO Mentor & Coach | Business Angel & Investor Resilient Leadership πŸ’ͺ + High-Performance Teams 🏎 = Constant Growth πŸ“ˆ πŸ’°”

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About Me

I am an Entrepreneur, CEO Mentor+Coach, Business Angel, and Investor. I founded, ran, and grew multiple 7-figure companies. I invest in Startups, mentor and coach CEOs, and help them to move their teams forward. I have also gone through challenging times. I know what it takes and how to get there, taught by business and life and not only by seminars and books.

I grew up in the communist part of Germany, where entrepreneurship did not exist. Since moving to west Germany when I was 14, I have always wanted to run my own show. I never had a "real job." My journey brought me from working as a consultant to running different consultancies to now being a business angel and mentor to tech startups. Having gone through significant changes in my life, I fully embrace change. I am happy to speak about change, leadership, and entrepreneurship as I now run an entirely virtual company with people on different continents; I also love talking about remote work and virtual teams.

There are endless opportunities in a virtual world - let's utilize them!

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Profile artwork for Sebastian Schieke
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