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“I have been surrounded in toxic masculinity. I have worked construction and been a firefighter for 20 years. I've had enough! Let's go!”

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About Me

I am 38 years old. I am an Electrician, have worked in the construction sector for almost my whole life. I started on a volunteer fire department in '03. Male dominance and toxic masculinity have been everywhere around me and expected of me constantly.

What if I don't want to participate, what if I decide to be different? Other than having the job sites best (and worst) artists plastering your caricature and sexual preferences (correct or not) on every lunch table and porta potty, its just easier to play the game or not say anything. Unfortunately, you may not have any friends and you get laid off because nobody likes you. On to the next job I guess.

It is time for the sector to be better. Anyone in the industry will tell you that there are some very prehistoric rules, both written and unwritten and that "it's always been this way."

Recently I decided to take a break from drinking alcohol. When everyone around me stopped laughing, asked me what my problem was, accused me of judging them for still drinking and then added my picture to the previously mentioned porta potty wall, I only had to get out of my own head.

This is much harder than we think.

Out of sight from my peers and far enough from the lunch trailer, I decided to open my mind up to the world of self-help and betterment. So many things that were not for the man I was and the man I was expected to me because of my social circles. I could never admit to trying journaling, listening to self-help books or podcasts. Reading, are you kidding me? Not only did I do all of these things AND LOVE THEM but I wrote my own book about my journey to not drink alcohol. My book Going Dry - My Path to Overcoming Habitual Drinking has been a life changer. I hope it will change your life too.

Construction and Firefighting, as well as many other male dominant roles, need to evolve a bit. Let's get the word out and let's tell these big tough burly men that they relax a little, appreciate some self-improvement, maybe a little Brene Brown or Mel Robbins and not end up on the wall in the bathroom.

There have been some amazing women in construction and firefighting as well. However you identify, this is for all of us.

My wife and kids deserved better from me and that is why I would make a great guest on your show.

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Profile artwork for Sean Robinson
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