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Scott Martin.

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“Top 100 Marketing podcast host, author, and unique and original viewpoints on marketing backed by 25 years of experience. Always unique.”

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About Me

I help entrepreneurs to control their marketing spend and predictably grow their business by delivering high impact strategies. Balancing common sense and sometimes unconventional strategies.

What I do is mentor, teach and consult on scaling business rapidly, sustainably and exponentially.

How? Balance between growth hacking and long term strategic programs.

Why? In my view most approaches are inadequate because short term marketing and conventional approaches fail to deliver reliable results.

I call this Groundswell Marketing.

The prevailing mindset tends to follow trends and chase social media algorithms.

In my humble view is this paralyses smart entrepreneurs and potentially runs their businesses off a cliff by handing over the keys to marketing specialists who do not understand your business is an ecosystem.

I take a holistic approach to marketing while remaining agnostic to any tech/platform/approach that can deliver sustainable results.

As your advocate I help you uncover your hidden potential while being resourceful and mindful of your cashflow and current business reality.

My primary objective is to give you confidence based on evidence and common sense to build sustainable growth for your firm.

I don’t work with well meaning short sighted individuals who are unwilling to think different and build your marketing programs intelligently.

I work with you. You want to command and lead your marketing with certainty, clarity and confidence.

If you are here to build a groundswell

Let’s paddle in.

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Profile artwork for Scott Martin.
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