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Sabrina Chevannes

“I run a podcast call No Bullsh*t Talks - this is the same sort of vibe I bring to other podcasts. Always authentically authentic.”


About Me

If you're looking for a guest who won't just give you typical BS marketing answers and will answer candidly and sometimes controversially, then I'm probably the guest for you!

Half-Jamaican, half-Chinese and born and raised in England - I'm a right mixed bag of culture!

I initially went to medical school... just like the rest of my family (yawn!) and ended up launching my first company while in my 3rd year! I've been a serial entrepreneur ever since!

I'm an International Chess Master, member of MENSA and best-selling author, which probably makes me sounds like a bit of a dork. But at the same time, I was sport-obsessed (have dislocated both my knees as a result!), love fashion and when I'm not working, I love to cook, read, binge on Netflix and watch the football!

I currently run a creative agency called Complex Creative, working with brands like UNICEF, Pirelli and the Ministry of Defence. Therefore, I love to talk about all things branding, websites and marketing.

However, I am huge on self-improvement and run a book club for other business owners who want to improve their business. I've made tons of mistakes along the way and have so many crazy business stories to tell as a result, each one providing a major lesson.

I also have an Executive MBA (with honours) and am a best-selling author with my first book translated in over 20 languages!

I am Co-Chair of the Social Media Council for the Data & Marketing Association, so it's my job to advise on best practices in social media. I am also on the Creative Council and Sustainability Council for the British Interactive Media Association.

I run a podcast called No Bullsh*t Talks, as Complex Creative is known as the No Bullsh*t Agency and I believe in being authentic AF.

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Profile artwork for Sabrina Chevannes
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