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“I'm a philosopher, raw fruitarian and documentary director using video/audio as a vessel to share my philosophies with the world.”

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About Me

I'm a philosopher, raw fruitarian and documentary director using video/audio as a vessel to share my philosophies with the world. In 2021, I created the conscious streaming platform Akasha Flix which is an ever-growing library of conscious conversation. The goal is to help you understand your power, break your conditioning, learn to love yourself and get on the path to healing by providing spiritually guided videos/podcasts, alternative philosophies, educational masterclasses, open-minded conversation on difficult topics while promoting mindful behaviors. 

Throughout my journey, I have adapted a number of philosophies that have not only helped me find myself and my truth, but also helped me become the best version of myself. From becoming a majority raw fruitarian to questioning everything, my path has led me to a point where I'm utilizing my light and gifts to share with the world. 

My philosophies:


☯️ Breaking the Conditioning - understanding that we've all been conditioned by societal systems put in place that do not have our best interest in mind. 

☯️ Healthy Terrain - your body is your temple and your energy is your most valuable currency. What you consume both physically and energetically has a direct effect on your health and wellness.

☯️ Oneness - in order to become the best version of yourself, you have to look within. Everything outside of you is an external factor. 

☯️ Spirituality - expanding your mind and understanding the power you possess will allow you to experience the universe in all of its amazement. 


🍉Energy efficiency

🥭Avoid Acid-forming foods

🍇Taxing & Toxicity

You can find my content here:

🎥 Akasha Flix - 

🎧 Minds Like Mine's Podcast -

🎬 My Fruitarian Journey -

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