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“Crypto investor, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and marketer with over 14 years of experience!”

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About Me

Polar has started his crypto journey 2 years ago as an investor. After realizing the big potential behind blockchain he has decided to dedicate most of his time to the industry. As a best-selling author and marketer with 14+ years of experience, he has spent many hours researching the marketing behind the most successful crypto and NFT projects. This has led him to the opportunity to consult and work on a few projects in the crypto and NFT industry.

He is also a passionate reader about topics like business, psychology, blockchain, biography, and human relations.

A few weeks ago he has started his podcast called “The Seasonal Tokens Podcast” where he interviews people so everyone can do more investing and less gambling.

Feel free to invite him to talk about crypto, NFTs, crypto and NFT marketing.

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Profile artwork for Polar M
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