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“The #1 career personal psychology tip is to take 100% responsibility wherever you can. I provide an acronym to create this powerful habit.”

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About Me

I'm an engineer, had a career in sales, created my own 23 person business, sold it, coached other business owners, became certified to provide Emotional Intelligence, Behavior (DISC) and Motivation assessments. Then I wrote a book on the power of Taking Responsibility, which I also narrated, and is on Audible.

An unusual combination. And I promise we will have an interesting conversation. I'm also a CTM Toastmaster, and do public speaking.

My engineering brain pushed me to come up with logical ways to solve the emotional issues I was having early in my career. After 25 years of refining these ideas, I organized them into a book, which will be appreciated by most introverts in the world. I provide an acronoym on how to Take Responsibility that will help you take control of situations you never thought you could.

What came out of the book were helpful methods to:

  • Never be offended by anyone.
  • How to turn your frustration to opportunity.
  • Taking responsibility is the ultimate communication skill, and it can be learned.

I wrote a book published in 2021 titled Bulletproof Your Mindset, available on Amazon and Audible.

I live in Vancouver, Canada, and spend 5 months per year in Palm Springs, California.

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Profile artwork for Paul Aucoin
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