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“I have been a real estate investor, broker, and coach for over 20 years.”

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Omni has been a real estate investor, broker, and coach for nearly 20 years. His real estate career started in Hawaii where he grew up. Over the last 10+ years, he and his family have lived in Northern Virginia and have been very active in both growing their real estate investment portfolio and growing a top performing real estate team and office in Loudoun County Virginia. With a passion for building wealth and helping others achieve financial freedom, Omni has coached hundreds of real estate investors, real estate agents and clients alike to create and execute a plan to grow their real estate business, grow their investment portfolio, or both. As a leader of a very large real estate team, Omni’s main focus and goal is to help every team member achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. Over the years, he has adapted his roles, moving away from a traditional Broker role and now plays the roles of Financial Freedom Coach, Dream Advocate and Legacy Building Strategist.

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