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Nikki La Croce

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“My purpose: help people understand themselves & each other thru compassionate conversations around mental health/personal growth/gratitude”

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About Me

Who the f*ck am I?

I started my podcast with this simple question. 

This is a question that kept surfacing after I began therapy 4 years ago. That's when I discovered my passion and purpose is to connect with people. The first 2 seasons of my podcast kept me sane throughout the pandemic, while navigating my departure from an abusive relationship, during which time my mom passed away unexpectedly.

Regardless of how or why it happens, we can sometimes lose sight of the person we know ourselves to be. Sometimes we feel we will never have the chance to let that person shine. Or maybe we need the space to redefine who we WANT to be. Either way, I've learned that when we give ourselves the chance to truly know who we are at our core, things make more sense.

Create Connection

People are better when they have options and opportunities. They’re more creative. More productive. More compassionate. More thoughtful. This means when we show up fully – first and foremost for ourselves – we can do more together.

There’s so much opportunity in this world and there is so much love. And yes, a lot of it is fucked up, too. Despite that, I believe there’s something better than this.

I believe that this world is more than we allow ourselves to experience. I believe we are capable of more than we may ever be able to make of it. And I know other people feel this way.

Fuel Compassion

I am a firm believer that there is absolutely room for everyone to succeed. Imagine how lifting each other and rising together can be a good thing. 

We give greater power to humanity when we feel safe in sharing our stories. Every conversation is a chance to learn and grow. When empowered to play to our strengths, we are able to live life with a sense of fulfillment. We build organic connections and have authentic conversations that propel us into the next stage of our personal evolution. 

In order to do that, we have to listen. Without judgment. Without fear. Without all of the preconceived notions which have embedded themselves in our minds for as long as we can remember. We have to be willing to know each other – and be willing to challenge what we think we know about ourselves.

Activate Change

Every single person that I talk to changes my life in some way. These conversations aren’t just episodes – they are becoming part of me. And part of you, whether you’re a guest or a listener.

When I think about it that way I honestly cannot imagine a more clear and fulfilling path forward. If I can spend the rest of my life building a community of people who are authentic, kind, generous, insightful and interesting human beings…What else do I need?

Available for remote or in-person collaboration dependent upon proximity to my location.

I currently reside in Vancouver, BC but I make frequent visits to Seattle and surrounding areas, as well as Philadelphia metro area, Baltimore metro area, and DC metro area.

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