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Nicole Coustier

“US healthcare/ health tech advisor and performance coach for Founders and other executive high achievers working in demanding industries.”


About Me

Nicole is a medtech/VC advisor and executive performance coach. She has 25 years in business development and sales, strategy, operations, management, and program design in the areas of epidemiology, life sciences, patient advocacy, government policy, and more.

As an advisor, Nicole helps investors and founders' validate assumptions about the US healthcare ecosystem, guides them to close significant gaps that could stunt product uptake, and recommends alternate use cases.

The executive coaching Nicole provides is not based just on theory, but on the expertise of 10+ years in senior management. Nicole worked with a team of exceptional leaders to bring a small consultancy through the crippling 2008 recession - to not just succeed but thrive - and she brings that insight into her daily coaching in the COVID era. 

And as an experienced homeschooler with an entrepreneurial approach to teaching, Nicole also manages the challenging intersection of business and home herself, and coaches her clients who are also parents to experience their definition of success.

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Profile artwork for Nicole Coustier
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