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“Your audience needs to know that there is an easier way to find a job. I'm generous with practical tools for easy wins (and I'm fun!)”

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About Me

Nic Frick is a career coach who helps new moms who don't want to go back to their jobs find new jobs they love.

When moms create a life and career based on their values, they no longer have to be everything to everyone and instead can have more pleasure in their lives while also amplifying their joy and income.

Nic’s background spans a career built through tech, customer service, recruiting, and teaching yoga. Her programs integrate forgotten practices that support your career, inner growth, and redefines what work-life balance and sustainability are all about. This holistic approach ensures that every mom gets the support they need and deserve.

Nic Frick loves sending handwritten letters, is happiest on a surfboard, and lives with her hubby, daughter, and cat in San Francisco, CA.

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