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Nenia Corcoran

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“A cop that survived an abusive marriage and now aims to educate others so they don't suffer similar fates. Author of He Loves Me Not.”

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About Me

I had been a police officer for over three years when I realized my high school sweetheart was emotionally and physically abusive. I was so ashamed that despite my extensive training in domestic violence, I had missed all the red flags and warning signs.

I was able to escape my abuser, though not without heaping doses of fear, embarrassment, shame and guilt. Now I write young adult fiction novels with the hope of educating young women to recognize the signs of toxic relationships before they become victims.

My debut YA fiction novel is titled He Loves Me Not aims to shine a light on the dangers of teen dating violence and can be found online wherever books are sold!

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Profile artwork for Nenia Corcoran
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