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Nath Lockley

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“I host my own weekly Paranormal & UFO podcast along with a 2 weekly show on conspiracy theories. I'm also a ufo investigator.”

Extraterrestrial Life Paranormal Spirituality Space Mythology

About Me

Hi, I'm Nath. I am a UFO investigator based in Birmingham UK. I run a UFO and paranormal group called U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G and I also host my own podcast called Paraverse. We do a weekly live show, looking at certain topics or talking to guest speakers. We also have 2 other podcast shows. one looking into conspiracy theories and the other into urban legends.

I have many theories on the possible explanations behind the UFO and paranormal phenomena and would love to have a conversation with you on any of these topics.

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Profile artwork for Nath Lockley
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