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““I'm on a mission to helping Thought Leaders find their audience and build connections for fruitful collaborations””

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About Me

Journalist, Digital Marketer, and Public Speaking Trainer – for me all these career choices of mine boil down to one core interest: I love to meet people, discover stories that are worth sharing and help them to be heard. There is a special magic in working with inspired entrepreneurs. I love to see sparks in their eyes. Even more, I love to see how their stories grow bigger than they could have ever imagined. I’m on a mission myself – putting all the skills and experience towards one goal – sharing stories of entrepreneurs, authors, and visionaries.

I'm working with experts in:

- business, entrepreneurship;

- health and wellness, fitness and nutrition;

- sex and relationships;

- spirituality and manifestation.

If you are on the lookout for experts for your show in any of the mentioned fields - I'm here to help you! If you are looking for guest speakers for your show in the field not mentioned - still reach out and I'm sure I could find a suitable expert for you in our network.

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Profile artwork for Natasha Zo
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