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Nancy Mello

“Nancy Mello is an animal communicator and psychic medium with a high social media following and engagement rate.”


About Me

Nancy Mello is an animal communicator and evidential medium with experience as a speaker and podcast host. She prides herself in end of life pet work and helping pets with problem behaviors. She has 60k followers on Tik Tok, 21k on Instagram, and 46k on Facebook. She has helped find 121 pets since 2020.

Nancy has been featured in the Washington Post (1/29/21) The Mirror UK (9/17/22) and was featured in Dogster Magazine.(Dec/Jan 2022 issue)

Live radio experience includes the Two Johnnies show. in Dublin Ireland (9/26/22)

Podcast experience includes The Dogist Podcast (1/27/22) Kait Coaching (5/30/22), and Third Eye Sight (4/4/22)

TV interview experience includes Vision Global (Spain)

Engagement rates in the past 90 days on Tiktok: 2.2M Video views, 232k likes, 5.5k shares.

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Profile artwork for Nancy Mello
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