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Nancy L. Belcher, Ph.D.

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“CEO of King County Medical Society and CEO. Co-Founder of Winona. A Ph.D., w/30 yrs experience in science, medical research, and technology.”

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About Me

A perpetual learner, Belcher has over 30 years of increasingly demanding work experience in the medical, startup, academic, governmental, and nonprofit worlds.

Nancy L Belcher:

  • Holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Drexel University,
  • Performed her doctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania's Wistar Institute,
  • Completed her post-doc at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in molecular biology and genetics,
  • Received a Master's in Public Administration focusing on healthcare policy development from the University of Washington, Evan's School,
  • She is currently completing coursework at Stanford University in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

As the King County Medical Society (KCMS) CEO, one of the nation's largest medical societies, Belcher takes on many medical policy issues and works tirelessly to improve healthcare. Legislative topics include the racial disparities in medical practice and training and how death investigations are fraught with inefficient and inappropriate rules. Belcher has effectively worked to improve lead testing in communities and schools, prevent firearm injury prevention, Covid testing, increase vaccination availability and telehealth parity, and is developing effective mental health programs. 

As co-founder and the CEO of Winona, Inc., Belcher created an online platform for women to receive menopause treatment, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Myths and misinformation about natural bioidentical hormones have led to confusion and fears about HRT that sadly discourage women from receiving the treatment that can improve their lives and health. 

Nancy enjoyed working for many years as:

  • a nutrition and oncology research scientist,
  • a professor of Biology,
  • a director in the healthcare industry,
  • a public policy advisor to elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels,
  • a healthcare performance auditor,
  • a volunteer to open schools and provide healthcare in Africa.

With a thorough understanding of the science, policy, and dynamics of both the healthcare and political worlds, Belcher brings to any conversation the perfect combination of humor, academic intellect, business know-how, and collaborative instincts that will jump-start a successful and informative discussion.

Nancy enjoys spending her free time with her physician husband and their five sons and pursuing athletic events, including full Ironmans, skiing/snowboarding, and kiteboarding.

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Profile artwork for Nancy L. Belcher, Ph.D.
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