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Monika Zasada

“Captivating stories out my 25 years in home renovation will have your listeners nailed to their seats. I'm like Netflix/HGTV, only better!”


About Me

$420 billion spent on home improvements in 2021, sizzling-hot real estate market and obsession with design make my expertise timely and relevant.

I help homeowners avoid the notorious horrors of money going "poof", questionable quality, shady contractors and never-ending projects when home renovating or building.

Ditching the standard, ineffective, industry procedures and using my myth-busting method instead, I share how to avoid the common mistakes, how to save time, money and sanity when improving what is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investment of our lives - our homes.

When relaxing, I am a book-snorting, conversation-encouraging and optimization-addicted explorer of people, places and ideas. 

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Profile artwork for Monika Zasada
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