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“Podcasting duo. American entrepreneurs in the UK. Bisexual, biracial, pro musicians. Will promote & we both have home recording equipment!”

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About Me

Megan and AJ are two music artists and songwriters who met in university at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where they both received BAs in music. Megan went on to receive a Master's degree in Music Industry Studies. Now the two are working on developing their start-up, Sound Byte, a podcast network based in the North West of England.

AJ is from Boston, Massachusetts while Megan is from San Jose, California, but both are in the UK now on a visa specifically to create podcasts so they're determined to leave no podcast-stone unturned.

AJ is based in Liverpool, and Megan is based in Manchester.

Fun facts:

  • AJ holds the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Professional Rock Band
  • Megan has written with Sir Paul McCartney and Earth, Wind, and Fire musical director Mo Pleasure
  • Both are bisexual and mixed race - Megan is a first generation American, the daughter of a Filipino immigrant and a Norwegian American mother from Fargo, North Dakota. AJ is mixed white European and Native American.

Find out more about us, our music, and our shows on our brand new website!

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Profile artwork for Megan and AJ
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