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Matthew Cage

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“Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Agency Founder of Hydra Digital,Plural Communications. Co-Founder & fintech Blockchain startup Savoir”

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About Me

I am a digital marketing expert, product developer and entrepreneur.

I have a professional and consultancy background in enterprise communications, digital marketing, UX, paid media, creative services and events. This diverse experience led me to establish Hydra Digital, a digital marketing agency, and also a co-found Plural Communications, a full-service communication agency. These businesses specialise in:

  • Market analytics
  • SEO
  • Digital content
  • Web-based advertising
  • Traditional media
  • Social media
  • Website development
  • Paid media
  • Graphic design
  • PR

I am based in inner-city Brisbane (Australia) with my wife and young daughter.

I work with clients locally, nationally and internationally, helping them to implement digital marketing strategies and new processes to solve business problems and increase ROI.

One of my superpowers is being able to identify opportunities and operational solutions within an economic system - for both clients and my personal businesses.

I credit this skill to my diverse experience, intuition and growing up in a family of entrepreneurs. Problem-solving is in my blood, and it has enabled me to develop solutions to successfully commercialise products and services and meet market needs in competitive industries.

But I'm not all about business, I have a wide range of other interests. I am passionate about nature, science and learning.

Past and present great thinkers and scientists are my heroes. I actively educate myself with the insights of great philosophers from all cultures to better myself and my relationships and to give me perspective of others. I philosophically approach business and my personal life in this way with the personal mission to continue to evolve and grow until death.

 Professional topics I can confidently talk about:

  • Digital marketing - the global industry, detailed effective tactics and current and emerging online-based digital technologies
  • Corporate marketing - company branding and messaging
  • New business development - identification, planning, operational strategy, human resources and how to create a good employee culture
  • Startups - identifying, developing and validating a scalable product or business model
  • Relationship management - business CRM, understanding human behaviour and the power of being genuine
  • Product development - consumer and industrial (goods, services and experiences)

 Personal experience and interest topics I can confidently talk about:

  • Paragliding
  • Hiking, camping and the health benefits of nature
  • Sustainability - the difficult balance between caring for the environment, economic growth and social well-being
  • The benefits of permaculture and food forest on a macro and micro level
  • Sleep, nutrition, fitness, supplementation and the benefits of daily routine
  • The space industry, theoretical physics and cosmology

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