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“Every entrepreneur needs to figure out how they will exit their business. The most profitable exits don’t happen by luck, they’re planned.”

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A while back, I sold my business and thought I would sit back, take it easy and enjoy life. It didn’t take long before I was bored stiff. This got me to thinking about my last exit. I realized that if I had been better prepared for this exit, I could have done a lot better for myself. 

My entrepreneurial juices fueled this thought process that has led me to start the Business Exit Stories Podcast, write a book: Pack Your Parachute – How to Double the Amount of Money You Put in Your Pocket When You Sell Your Business, and developing a process to maximize the enterprise value of a business prior to exit. 

Every entrepreneur is going to need to exit their business sooner or later. The type of exit they have will largely depend on what they do to position their business for their eventual exit. Taking the time before exiting a business can double or tripling the exit value when they sell their business.

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