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“Martin Salama, the Architect of The Warrior's L.I.F.E. Code. Shift from worry and lack to abundance and being a L.I.F.E. Warrior!”

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About Me

Martin Salama is known as the Architect of The Warriors L.I.F.E. Code. 

He specializes in helping people frustrated in their life quickly shift their mindset to UNCOVER their greatness so they can live their true potential and enjoy LIFE!

An example of what he’s achieved is a client like Roberta, who lost her 6-figure job due to COVID and came to Martin depressed and felt very lost. Within a short time, she had quote “direction, focus, and a renewed energy around all the possibilities I could pursue… and getting back on track to enjoy LIFE!”

The key to his success is, he’s mastered the ability to Live Incredibly Full Everyday! Which he turned into the acronym L.I.F.E. and created the Warriors L.I.F.E. Code coaching program.

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Profile artwork for Martin Salama
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