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Mark Merriwether Vorderbruggen, Ph.D.

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“"What would a caveman do?" is still a valuable question to ask in modern times, especially with health concerns. Let me tell you more. :)”

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About Me

Howdy! I'm a Ph.D. chemist, an herbalist, and a nationally-recognized foraging instructor bringing you over a decade of public speaking at museums, garden clubs, prepper groups, historical societies, nature parks, botanical gardens, MENSA clubs, distilleries, Toastmasters, and multiple podcasts.

Let's talk about foraging, herbal medicine, ethnobotany, and why our ancient, caveman bodies have such difficulties in the modern world.

Author of Idiot's Guide Foraging

Nationally recognized foraging and herbalist instructor, creator of Foraging Texas

Ph.D. Chemist with 16 patents

Chemist/herbal formulator for Medicine Man Plant Co.

Experienced YouTube Personality: DrMerriwether

Over 29,000 followers on the Facebook/ForagingTexas

Winner of the 2019 Native Plant Society of Texas Digital Media Award

Author of a monthly magazine article on foraging

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Profile artwork for Mark Merriwether Vorderbruggen, Ph.D.
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