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Mark Edwards

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“I help companies grow faster and be more successful through STRATEGIC POSITIONING, COMMUNICATION and by helping them to unlock their EQUITY.”

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About Me

I have been responsible for over 120 acquisitions on four continents. My approach is unique and highly effective in building value in businesses. COMPETITIVE SPACE, the methodology, is a how-to process which enables companies to engineer greater success for their software technology businesses. So they can OutSmart not outspend their competition.

I was initially trained as a photographer and attended four years of art school, which makes me a bit of an odd-ball in the M&A world.

I have been a founder, director and shareholder for several software companies. I have raised investment for a handful of companies and sold over 120 on four continents. Founder of Boss Equity an international mergers and acquisitions company. For the past 20 plus years we have worked with hundreds of software tech entrepreneurs to help them grow and ultimately sell their businesses.

Recently, I established OutSmart a strategic positioning and scientific messaging company

that will take away the fluffiness of your marketing and sales so you can

OutSmart NOT outspend your competition.

I am a straight-talking to the point business strategist who likes to have fun. I have a passion for photography see and art and I am also an Associate of The Royal Photographic Association (ARPS).

I like podcasts to be a two-way conversation and not a one-way pitch fest.

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