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Macy Matarazzo

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“Macy brings the success-minded 40+ woman a conscious, playful, and refreshing perspective on finding love & creating healthy relationships.”

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About Me

Macy Matarazzo, Love & Relationship Expert for Singles

Macy helps single women overcome the fears and frustrations with the modern dating world that keep them from having the love they desire. With over 25 years of failed relationships & dateless holiday parties, she finally found a magical formula that broke the painful cycle and led her to find true love. Now she's put it all together in The SuperLOVED System giving women all over the world an innovative, smart, fun, proven way to attract and create a high caliber love that lasts.

Women who come to her have found success in life but not in love, women who have read all the books, done the vision board, made the man list, and are still single. SuperLOVED gives them a system to get to the source of the issues using a powerful process called Regenerating Images in Memory so that they can change and have the safety within to receive real love. 90% of the women who have implemented The SuperLOVED System are engaged or married in 6 months or less without sacrificing who they are.

Macy, can also be seen as the host of Love Vibe TV, & Recipes for LOVE offering pragmatic but amusing love and dating tips. Her articles & strategies on navigating the modern dating world to create phenomenal love have been featured on, New York Times, The Westword, NBC, FOX, ArtTour International. A Keynote Speaker, Macy has brought her amusing yet pragmatic relationship expertise to Ignite Denver, Women in Tech, the IMPROV, along with sharing the worldwide stage with top love leaders, including John Gray, Arielle Ford, and the acclaimed "SARK".

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Profile artwork for Macy Matarazzo
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