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“I don't take life too seriously, I know what I like and what I need to make me happy. Genuine interests in many subjects, mainly business.”

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About Me

I left school and joined the police after a short wait while working in some small local businesses. I got married and had kids very young, in a rush to be a grown up. By 23 I had two kids, a wife and a mortgage, along with a secure job doing what I'd always wanted to do - policing. But I was miserable. Marriage wasn't what I'd thought, the job wasn't treating me with the love I felt for it, and I found parenting far harder than I'd expected.

In 2014, after 18 months of horrendous mental health issues and even more horrendous domestic issues, I left the police to set up a gardening business, an industry I knew nothing about, in Worthing, a town I'd never been to. After four years of that, and at the beginning of a messy divorce I was approached by a former police colleague about setting up a security company. He'd been co-running one for a couple of years but wasn't happy with the set up and was looking at an exit strategy. I was in a new phase of life, new girlfriend, brighter outlook etc, I sold the gardening business (in a twelve day rush) and we incorporated a security company which went from strength to strength and in 2020 during the pandemic we expanded to a group of companies, now offering cleaning, medical support and a small arm of property ownership.

I have a great passion for business - not necessarily ownership, and not necessarily big business. Small and local business interests me just as much as behemoths, purely because of the story of how they got there. A fairly common question I get asked is 'whats the next business?', and my standard answer tends to be along the lines of, 'whatever gets me excited enough!'.

Life is now pretty much what I want it to be - I have a great life because I know what motivates me, I know that my wants and needs aren't conventional, and I've learned to be ok with that, mostly. I feel that my story of starting out by doing what I thought others wanted of me, but now doing what I want for myself will hopefully be helpful or at least thought provoking for other people with similar thoughts about where they are and where they want to be.

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Profile artwork for Luke Brice
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