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Lucien Mars

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“I reveal the Secret History of Angels, Demons, Aliens and the militarized Culture of Fear in these final days”

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About Me

Lucien Mars is a direct vampire lineage-holder to Lilith. He has earned the respect of a worldwide clientele by providing vampire transformations and direct vampire entity bindings for nearly a decade in private practice. His clientele has included courtroom lawyers and elite vampire sorcerers around the globe. As president of Vampire Ashram, he certifies trainers in the exclusive Vampire Arveda Yoga system.

Lucien Mars has for the past decade researched, with the assistance of a reptilian archivist for the CiaKhar Empire, the galactic history of the reptilian, human, and alien races that are now racing toward an Apocalyptical conclusion on Earth. The shape-shifting reptilians are not the only threat to the human species, as the book explains.

Lucien Mars reveals the secret history of humanity contained in an ancient ME stone, or computer crystal, known as a “flaming stone” GirKu chronicle. Included are the galactic wars that led to the Fall described in the bible and why alien cultures such as the Anunnaki and others want to enslave Earth. For the first time the full history of Lucifer and the Fall is revealed, with a stunning conclusion affecting everyone as the fate of humanity hangs in the final balance. 

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Profile artwork for Lucien Mars
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