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Lottie Ellington

“Lottie Ellington is a Burlesque performer & educator with a unique perspective as a Black, Queer woman over 40 who is decolonizing burlesque”


About Me

Lottie Ellington is the prodigal titty of the Motor City, after spending several years in Virginia honing her craft she returned home to Detroit, Michigan in 2019 where she has been sharing her own flavor of “Southern Baptist Booty” all across Motown. Lottie Ellington is one of Detroit's favorite Aunt-tease, The Aunt-tease are a group of burlesque performers, "of a certain age" who champion social justice with love, fun, wisdom, and wit. In July of 2020, Lottie became the Headmistress of Ellington Academy of Burlesque, the first online historically Black Burlesque Academy. Locally Lottie teaches Burlesque basics with a consortium of performers.

Profile artwork for Lottie Ellington
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